Bonk Breaker Rewards Riders With Beat The Bonk Challenge

Santa Monica, CA–Bonk Breaker®, maker of freshly baked real food energy and protein bars, today issued an action-based incentive to cyclists and athletes everywhere.  The Beat the Bonk Challenge encourages riders to log their mileage over a month-long period, earning a 25% discount on the company’s products after reaching a 150-mile goal.

Reigning Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae, a sponsored Bonk Breaker® athlete and spokesperson for the brand, expressed her support for the unique challenge.  “It’s easy to get behind a promotion that rewards people for healthy hard work,” said Carfrae.  “I love that with ‘Beat the Bonk’ you earn good for you food with good for you exercise.”  Carfrae continued, “If you haven’t yet tried Bonk Breaker bars, this is a perfect opportunity.  Get out and ride, log your miles and earn a discount on the delicious bars–quality real food for training and recovery.”

The purpose of the Beat the Bonk Challenge is to stand behind the company’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle, says Bonk Breaker® co-CEO & founder Jason Winn. “Athletes are innately goal-oriented,” says Winn.  “So what better way to engage with our customers than to encourage them to earn their fuel and make those miles count?”

As a company founded by athletes and uniquely aware of the nutritional demands of cyclists, Bonk Breaker® takes pride in crafting great-tasting bars from top-quality, whole food ingredients intended to help athletes fuel and replenish their bodies with vital nutrients.  The Beat the Bonk Challenge provides a platform to reward riders with these premium products.  “The bottom line is that we want to help people turn hard work on the bike into the best possible nutrition for their bodies,” says Chris Frank, Bonk Breaker® co-CEO & Chairman.

Everyone is invited to join the Beat the Bonk Challenge, which runs through August 8th.  Simply register at, upload your mileage to Garmin or Strava, ride 150 miles and earn your fuel–an exclusive 25% discount at the Bonk Breaker® store.

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