Bonk Breaker® Introduces Cookies & Cream Protein

A Childhood Favorite Meets Recovery Fuel

Santa Monica, CA–Adding yet another palate-pleasing option to their expanding protein bar lineup, Bonk Breaker® proudly introduces a new flavor, Cookies & Cream. Bonk Breaker® Cookies & Cream High Protein bars, like all of Bonk Breaker®’s freshly baked energy and protein bar products, are crafted solely from all-natural great-tasting real food ingredients.

“Cookies & Cream is one of those flavors everyone loves and that conjures feel-good memories of favorite childhood snacks,” says Chris Frank, Bonk Breaker® co-CEO & Chairman. “It’s hard to believe that something so decadent can also be so healthy, but with our blend of simple and delicious real food ingredients–including gluten free cookie chunks–our new protein-packed bar hits a home run on every level.”

Loaded with creamy white chocolate and crisp cookie chunks, Cookies & Cream is a protein bar that hardly tastes like a typical protein bar.  Along with phenomenal flavor, the freshly baked bars are formulated to provide critical protein to elite athletes and weekend warriors alike, or simply anyone seeking top taste in a high quality snack or meal replacement.

“From a nutrition standpoint, protein is key in the ever-important discipline of sports recovery,” says Bonk Breaker® co-CEO & founder Jason Winn. “Athletes need to consume quality protein within a critical post-workout window in order to effectively replenish their muscles. After a ride or run–or whatever your workout–Bonk Breaker bars pack a perfect portable protein punch. And with a variety of lip-smacking flavors–highlighted by the latest, Cookies & Cream–our protein bars are ideal for anytime you or your kids crave a tasty, satisfying, guilt-free snack.”

Each 250-calorie bar contains 13 grams of vegetarian protein derived from brown rice and nuts. The certified gluten free bar’s carbohydrate blend comes from oats, brown rice and honey, ideal for refueling muscle glycogen stores. All this, yet each bar contains only 11 simple, recognizable, real food ingredients. Cookies & Cream is the fourth flavor in Bonk Breaker®’s growing High Protein bar line, joining Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Almond Cherry Chunk and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Look for new Bonk Breaker® Cookies & Cream High Protein bars on retail shelves and online at

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