Holiday Tips from a World Champion

They may not make you run a 2:50 marathon, but they’re certain to enhance your enjoyment of the season.

With the holiday season in full swing, you may notice that your training may be suffering and your fit self is feeling bogged down. Whether it be time restraints, too many cookies, too much booze, year-end at work, or holiday stress, many of us fall into the same holiday trap year after year. However, what happens if you reframe your lack of training or diligent meal planning as a positive and just enjoy this time of year.

Bonk Breaker Nutrition sat down with IRONMAN world champion Mirinda Carfrae to get her holiday tips and tricks. Carfrae reminds us about the importance of balance, family and living ALL of life to its fullest, beyond training and racing.

Rinny’s rules for an enjoyable holiday
Try something new: Have fun in the snow, surf some waves, hit a yoga class or take a hike. You spend so much time swimming, biking and running (rinse and repeat), now is the time to enjoy and try other activities.

Keep moving: Your body is used to your training routine, so vegging out is great, but maintain some movement to keep your fitness up and endorphins firing.

Eat smart, but don’t count calories: Spend the holidays recovering and breaking routines, so when you start up again it’s exciting. Eating smart means enjoying delicious holiday treats, but not overindulging to the point that starting training and getting back into your routine is daunting. Pick and choose your holiday treats and enjoy them guilt free.

Enjoy a late night and take naps often. You’ve had plenty of early morning training sessions this year, this is the time to enjoy friends and family. A late night here and there can easily be fixed with a mid-afternoon catnap. However, don’t sacrifice your sleep, come January first, you’ll want to feel refreshed and ready to take on the New Year.

Find a new, nutritious recipe: Make it something that you can master by the time training starts again. Not only will you get to have some fun in the kitchen, but you’ll love having new, healthy recipes mastered when training and life gets busy.

Connect with friends: Go out and enjoy something that does not make you sweat! Life is all about balance. I enjoy taking this time of year to connect with all the amazing people in my life and slow down.

Bonk Breaker Nutrition and Mirinda Carfrae want to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and New Year. We look forward to fueling your journey this 2015 season.

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