Bonk Breakers, beer and softball – Recover right!

By Team Bonk Breaker Athlete Carly Johann

My favorite way to recover from a tough workout, or even long day at work, is with a great beer. I live by the quality above quantity adage, so my beers of choice are craft brews from all over the states. However, we all know how important protein is as a rebuilding block for muscles post-workout. For this reason, I am fond of pairing my brew with a Bonk Breaker protein bar. This little snack gets me the quick carbs and proteins I need to recover fast and get ready for the next day – whatever it may bring!

Let’s take a quick detour for the basics of recovery nutrition:

3 R’s – Refuel, Rehydrate, Rebuild

15-30 minutes
The amount of time during which you should begin your recovery nutrition routine following training or competition

20-24 oz
The amount of fluid you want to take in per pound lost during exercise


The minimal carbohydrate to protein ratio you want to consume after activity to jumpstart recovery (the literature supports 2:1 to 4:1, depending upon intensity and duration)

References: 1. The New Science of Recovery Nutrition by Amanda Carlson-Phillips

For last weekend’s long run, I chose to run in the park near my husband’s softball game. I got there early to get in my 13 miler, and gave him my recovery snack and dry clothes so I could watch the game in comfort after the run. (Side note: combining my training with his activities like this has helped a lot in creating a great work/life balance for us).

I had a tough run in dry, windy 85 degree heat. Poor, poor southern Californians! After a warm-up, I executed 4 x 10 mins at roughly 10k pace, then a 20 minute tempo block, before cooling down. I was able to get in the intervals at the prescribed paces, but with significant effort and visions of beer dancing in my head.

(Strava link:

Once finished, I changed in the car and took my snack to the bleachers to watch the team win and move onto the next round of the playoffs. While cheering, I enjoyed a Cookies and Cream Bonk Breaker (250 cals, 13g protein, 34g carbs) with a Deception Blonde Ale (est. 130 cals, 17 carbs) from Black Market Brewing Company, along with a large bottle of water. This particular blonde ale has become a summer favorite. It is light-bodied, yet creamy with a full, velvety smooth mouthfeel. Slight hints of lime and coconut add to the subtle sweetness. Alongside of the sweet cookie and white chocolate flavors in the bar, I had a fantastic dessert/snack/reward, with approximately a 4:1 carb to protein ratio, which helped me recover and get ready for the next day.

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