Bonk Breaker Athlete Product Review – Real Hydration Wolfberry with Pomegranate

Product: Real Hydration – Wolfberry with Pomegranate

Reviewed by: Andrew Fast – Fresh off a dominating win at the Inaugural Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon

Test Date(s): April 1, 2017 – July 1, 2017

When and how did you primarily use the product:

Over the course of 3 months and counting with long human powered days at altitude: Mountain running, Trail running, Road running, and Road riding


What were the conditions like that you were training in?

Spring into Summer in the Mountains: Muddy slop, Snow and ice, Dusty and sandy, Sub freezing wind, and 80s and sunny, so really I saw it all!


What does your typical training day look like?

I don’t call what I do training anymore. This weekend was a 4,000 meter swim into a 5hr ride with 8,000ft of vert into a transition run done as (4x) 2 minutes fast, 3 minutes at 8 flat. That was Saturday. Sunday I stashed a bike at the base of a canyon, ran 4,000ft of vert in 2.5 miles to the top via the opposite side, ran down to the stashed bike, then rode up to the top of the canyon. I’m not big on numbers and go mostly by feel, which is why nutrition is important. I mention the above weekend because that’s what most days look like.

With that amount of activity and exploring I have to fuel the journey with something that works. The Bonk Breaker hydration mix works.


What do you like most about Bonk Breaker Real Hydration?

  • Flavor: Mellow but unique, It will take a long time to get sick of a flavor so subtle and sweet.
  • Nutrition profile: I am huge on salt. I think most folks accidentally skimp on salt and pay for it. I doubled, and sometimes tripled, the dose of the hydration mix to get a few more milligrams and calories and found it to be just as tasty but not too strong while giving me nutrition needed on hotter days. I like to read the ingredients out loud to people; I can pronounce everything and it tastes great!
  • Packaging: My other half is sponsored by Infinite and I used to be with PowerBar. We’d always spend half the prep part of pre-training filling little crack bags with powder to stay hydrated. No more crack bags! The individual serving sticks are super slick and have been a great marketing tool while out training. Folks are about to buy a Gatorade and I hand them a stick of Bonk Breaker hydration mix: “Where can I get this?” is usually the next question.


What is one thing you’d change or critique about Bonk Breaker Real Hydration?

  • Mixability: When a person uses as “real” ingredients as with Bonk Breaker Real Hydration, I can imagine things don’t shake up and disappear the moment it meets water; so this is minor and may just be the way it goes. But I did notice stuff collects at base of bottle pretty easy; I think it may be the cane sugar and bits of real fruit ingredients? Only real critique is that I wished it mixed a little better.


Any concluding remarks?

Fantastic product. Enough said.


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