Training Tips: Fueling for Fondo Season

It’s just a week until the Mammoth Gran Fondo–one of our fav rides of the year–and unofficially the start of unofficial Fondo Season.

Have a fondo, century or big ride on your schedule? Where it’s Mammoth or another, here are a few nutrition & hydration tips to get you to finish line:

1) Drink early & often: A good rule of thumb is 16 oz of fluid each hour in the first couple of hours, and more as temps increase. Be sure to use an electrolyte/carbohydrate drink such as Real Hydration Mix to ensure sodium and potassium levels don’t decrease from sweat loss.

2) Eat now for later: On long rides it’s essential to eat consistently from start until finish. Plan for ~250 calories every hour from a mix of solid food and fluids. Banana Cream Bar + bottle with Wolfberry Real Hydration Mix is just about spot on.

3) Keep rolling: Load up at rest stops but eat and drink in small amounts throughout day as opposed to all-at-once, which can be hard on GI. Pro tip: set a timer on watch or cycling computer for every 15 minutes as a reminder to get fluids and calories in.

And there’s still time to ride the Mammoth Gran Fondo–info and reg at — hope to see you on start line!

by bonkbreaker

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