Meet competitive cyclist Kevin Summers and hear why he chooses Bonk Breaker

Kevin gives us the 101 on how Bonk Breaker fits into his very active lifestyle.

“If it has 2 wheels, I love to ride/race it. I used to be overweight, very overweight. I needed to change. I did. I lost my weight by eating real food, cooking in the kitchen, and prepping foods ahead of time for easy meals. No supplements. There were no gimmicks, tricks, or trendy diet plans. I did the hard work. I wanted lasting change.”

“Since I got into competitive cycling I try and choose the healthiest nutrition to fuel my body for my workouts on the bike. I am by no means Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan etc. I’m a real food, real nutrition, kind of guy. With everything I have learned and implemented from my weight loss 13 years ago, Bonk Breaker fits my mold. I hope to help others on their fitness journey, and give them insight and ideas about making changes.”

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