Gravel Cyclist Gift Guide

Enve G Series Bars

Gravel riding can demand high levels of bike handling ability and is generally a little slower than riding on the tarmac. This makes it the perfect place for a set of wider handlebars. But many riders won’t want to change their bike fit. Enve offers the perfect solution with this flared bar that gives control and confidence thanks to its wider drops, but maintains an aero and familiar position on the tops.

Nutrition Bars

Real adventures demand real food, and there is nothing worse than getting up on Saturday morning to find the cupboard bare and being forced to rely on sub standard ride fuel. Give someone you love the gift of a well fuelled and fed ride by selecting a flavour and buying them a box of our real food nutrition bars.

Dynaplug Racer

Tubeless tires make a lot of sense on gravel bikes. They can help riders avoid pinch flats, run lower pressures for better control and even seal small punctures if you run them with sealant. For punctures too large to seal, dynaplug offers this fantastic little tool which will seal big slashes in the tire body before all the air has escaped, meaning you can be riding again in a matter of seconds. We’ve tried a lot of plug kits an this is our favourite. As a bonus they are also donating to California fire relief with each sale.

North St Pioneer

Often long rides start early, and that might mean shedding a layer or two as the day warms up. We love this handlebar bag as a place to stash that excess clothing without filling up your jersey pockets. It’s also a great place to carry a couple of extra bars, or even a sneaky flask.

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