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Gift ideas from Justin Cogley, chef and ultarunner.

Joyce Chen Scissors

A soft handle to eliminate pressure points, amazing torque engineering to cut through stems, bones and just about anything else, and a multitude of colors so that you can keep cross contamination at bay make these scissors that will be in your kitchen for years to come.

GIR Silicone Ultimate Spatula

Give the gift of always being able to get that last bit of peanut butter out of the jar with this flexible and cleverly engineered spatula. It comes in a full range of colours and is cleverly shaped to make sure that no part of your mixing bowl goes unscraped as you make those holiday cookies.

Korin Japanese Trading for all Kitchen knifes and equipment

A good kitchen knife will last forever. Justin loves Japanese style knives, and they make great gifts. Be sure to pick up a whetstone to keep that blade sharp and ensure that you’ll be gifting a tool that will be slicing and dicing for decades.

Le Creuset for all pots and pans

Justin loves Le Creuset’s hard working and great looking pots and pans. This Dutch Oven is a great example. From rustic bread to hearty stews it will become a cornerstone of your winter cooking. Given the amazing range of colours, it’s a great way to impress guests as well.

Rare Tea Cellar Chicago

Tea is a great way to warm up after a cold ride or run, and good tea is a world away from those little yellow packets you’re used to. Treat yourself or someone you love to your favourite tea or splash out on a subscription to their tea of the month club.

Vitamix Pro Blender

The Vitamix pro is the Ferrari of blenders, except it is far more reliable. From summer smoothies to winter soups this blender can take care of anything you want to chop up. For post exercise recovery, you can whip up great smoothies with frozen fruit and milk. And for post recovery, you can blend lemon and lime real hydration mix with tequila for an electrolyte margarita!

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