Road Cyclist Gift Guide

Tackx Neo Trainer

One of the worst parts about riding inside is messing about with trainer set up. The Neo takes all of that hassle away thanks to its direct mount set up which allows riders to remove the rear wheel and connect to the trainer in seconds. The smart trainer comes with a built in power meter and incline simulator, allowing you to use whichever training software you prefer to get a great workout when it is too dark or cold to ride outside.

Velocio Recon Vest

A vest is a great way to keep your core warm on cold rides and this Velocio vest works regardless of whether those are 100 mile road epics or a trip to the store. With it’s quilted lining and fleecy collar it feels like you’re wearing a hug, but their fit and materials mean you won’t be sweating if you’re out riding hard in the cold.

Orucase Airport Ninja

If you like to take your road bike to big events, baggage fees can severely impact your budget. The Airport Ninja is a great solution. With just simple disassembly and careful packing, your road bike can be reduced to a size that allows you to check it without paying exorbitant bike fees and thus save money to spend on more bike trips. Ours paid for itself in terms of fees saved within a year or purchase.

Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS

If you’re looking to help someone shave those final few seconds off a strava KOM, or just want someone you care about to be safe, this is a great gift. The Comete offers aerodynamic performance benefits, but also the enhanced safety of MIPS which can protect a rider in the event of multiple impacts. It’s also well enough ventilated to prevent the “putting your head in the oven” feeling that we associated with earlier aero helmets.

Premium Protein Bars

Often athletes can focus on carbohydrates to the exclusion of other important macronutrients. A stash of protein bars can help by making sure there is always a delicious and easy source of protein to hand to promote the repair of tired muscles after hard training.

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