Runner Gift Guide

Gift ideas from Justin Cogley, chef and ultarunner.

Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set

This minimalist pack will keep you hydrated without any extra bulk or annoying movement on the trail. If you’re stuffing your pockets or carrying water in a bottle right now, this pack will make runs way more comfortable. Pair it with Real Hydration Mix to ensure you keep you carbohydrate and electrolyte stores topped off.

Salomon Ultra Pro

This well cushioned and lightweight trail show is the perfect choice for those looking to make the move to ultras. It’s light enough not to slow you down and offers enough cushioning to save your joints once you’ve clocked up a marathon and kept going.

Stance Socks

Stance’s sock collection has something for everybody. From ankle to calf length and with your choice of materials, colors and thickness you should be able to pick the only non-boring sock gift you’ve ever given.

Long runs can mean lots of chafing. Cogely relies on Bodyglide to keep things running smoothly and prevent and skin issues keeping him from training or performing his best. From big packs for home to travel sized sticks, there are plenty of gift ideas here.

Energy Chews

Running can be hard on the stomach. If you can’t face much food before or during a long run, there chews are great. They might taste like candy but unlike gummy bears they pack all the electrolytes and easily digestible carbs you need to fuel your body through a hard workout.

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