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Aloha from beautiful, sunny, hot Kona! Dr. Jeff Bradley checks in from IRONMAN World Championships

We check in with Dr. Jeff Bradley from Kona, who we're following through his first IRONMAN World Championships. 

Aloha from beautiful, sunny, hot Kona! My family and I arrived last Saturday to acclimatize a couple weeks from race day. Even two weeks away from the IRONMAN World Championship, the energy is palpable stepping off the plane and onto tarmac. With each passing day it continues to build as more and more triathletes descend upon the big island.

Now that it’s less than ten days to go, the Queen K, Ali’i Drive and Dig Me Beach are teeming with the fittest looking triathletes around. It’s definitely an atmosphere and buzz that you just don’t experience at any other IRONMAN. Every swim, bike or run you bump into legends of the sport and podium contenders. On a single ride this week I saw Lionel Sanders, Sebastien Kienle, Javier Gomez and Lucy Charles, not to mention a hundred or so very fast age groupers. The heat and humidity make for challenging conditions, but the biggest obstacle is avoiding racing in training. With so many great athletes around, it’s a constant battle to just stick to your workouts and what’s worked in the past, and leave the racing until Oct.13.

There have been a few unexpected challenges as well unfortunately. Building up my bike I realized the airline had snapped the aerobars in half, but the local bike store managed a speedy overnight repair. Also, both of my children and wife have come down with a flu. I’ve avoided it for the most part, so lots of hand washing and fingers crossed I’ll stay healthy for race day.

All in all I cannot complain. I’m in Kona and have the opportunity to race the IRONMAN World Championships! The atmosphere here is amazing, it’s my favourite place to train, and the weather is perfect. I’m looking forward to putting the final touches on my preparation over the next week and a bit, and then laying it all out there on race day.

We'll be talking to Jeff Tuesday live from Kona. In the meantime you can follow his final prep on Instagram at