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Product Profile: Energy Chews

At Bonk Breaker, we like to think we make something for everyone. Sometimes, this can be a bit confusing as our broad product line might contain things you aren’t familiar with in your own training and diet. Each month, we plan to focus on one of our lesser-known products to show you who might use it and when.

This month we look at Strawberry & Tangerine Orange Chews, which might taste like a child’s candy, but have an important role in the endurance athlete’s arsenal. Chews are easily and quickly digested, being composed almost entirely of simple sugars without much protein and fat. They also pack 100mg of caffeine per packet and 240mg of electrolytes. Let’s look at what each of those things does and why and when an athlete might want them.

Energy Chews
  • Sugar - Sugar is the fuel your muscles run on. Your body can turn all sorts of things into sugar, but if you’re looking to get it to the muscles fast then you’ll want to give your body sugar in a simple form. This is where the Chews come in. Where a bar might be great during an endurance event, before a short, intense effort like a criterium or 10k, you’ll want the sugar to be hitting your muscles right away, not after you’re done.
  • Electrolytes - We love to use Chews at the end of long rides or races. They provide a hit of carbohydrate fuel when the gas tank is running low, but thanks to the electrolyte content they also help you hydrate. We know that dehydration impairs performance and many athletes finish events electrolyte depleted. Slamming a pack of chews and a bottle of water in the hour before your finishing sprint is a great way to be sure you finish strong.
  • Caffeine - We all know that a cup of coffee gets us going in the morning, but did you know that caffeine is one of the few non-prohibited performance enhancing substances? Not only can caffeine help you exercise harder, it can also help you perform better mentally. Imagine sprinting through a tiny gap at the end of 100 miles of bike racing. You’d want to be firing on all cylinders right? That’s when you reach for your caffeinated chews. Many caffeinated gels and chews only pack 10 or 20mg, which isn’t enough to make a difference to most people. With 100mg of caffeine per pack, our chews have an ergogenic dose which is why you’ll find our sponsored athletes reaching for them as they fatigue in long events.
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