Slow Grindz: Pro Tips For The Perfect Cup of Joe

Coffee might not actually be the world’s second most traded commodity, but that doesn’t mean we’d ever risk starting our day without some. Here at Bonk Breaker we pride ourselves on versatility: we can run, hike, bike, climb or swim at a moment’s notice and we’ll happily sleep in a tent or on a couch. But, there’s one place we won’t compromise and that’s drinking bad coffee. Especially when Founder & President Jason Winn, who proclaims “coffee making is an art form at my house!”

Founder & President Jason Winn doing his ritual coffee making.

Coffee is a simple drink with an incredibly complex and diverse range of preparations, flavors, and varietals. A simple black coffee can contain upwards of 850 aromatic compounds, allowing it to taste acidic, fruity, floral, chocolaty or nutty.

To get at these flavors, you need to ensure you’re extracting the right amount of them from your ground coffee. We’ve all had acidic and weak under extracted coffees or bitter and tannic over extracted brews and those are not a great way to start your day. There are dozens of ways to turn beans into coffee, but we love the ritual of the morning pour over.

For our perfect pour over, grind your coffee coarsely on a burr grinder (it should resemble kosher salt). You’ll be brewing at a 16:1 ratio, so for a 12oz or 354ml mug you’ll need about 22g of coffee.

Boil your kettle

Once you’ve ground your coffee and have your water at the boil, you can preheat your brew vessel by placing your filter paper in the container and washing it with water (this ensures your coffee stays warm and you minimize the taste of paper in your cup).

Pour your warming water into your mug to preheat that and save on water waste (after this, pour it on your garden plants if you want to get extra eco bonus points).

At this point your water should be about 30 seconds off the boil, bringing it to the perfect coffee brewing temperature. Use the same weight of water as you did of beans to “bloom” the coffee, this means making sure all the grounds are wet and then leaving them for 30 seconds to let off gas. You can give the grounds a stir to help them saturate.

After thirty seconds, add the rest of the water in three equal pours. You want the coffee to be mostly drained before you pour more water on. Your goal should be to have the whole cup made within three minutes (a bit longer for larger batches). If your coffee drains too fast, grind finer. If it takes longer for your coffee to drain, adjust to a coarser grind.

Pour your coffee into your pre-warmed mug, sit back, read the newspaper and then get out there and get after it, caffeine is a great training aid!

Pairs perfectly with Almond Butter & Honey, Coconut Cashew, Cookies & Cream Plant.