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The New Carne Asada Recovery Bar-rito!

Here at Bonk Breaker we are proud residents of Southern California. We love nothing more than hitting the surf, getting in a long bike ride in the year round sun, putting the word “the” in front of freeway numbers, and finishing our rides with the ultimate in tortilla encased recovery food.

But we are also a sports nutrition brand, and we figured it was a bit off brand for us to be seen chowing down on Carne Asada rather than one of our own delicious products. That's why we decided to launch or newest product: the Carne Asada Recovery Bar-rito.

The Carne Asada Recovery Bar-rito (you can call it CARB for short), uses a proprietary technique to fuse delicious grilled meat, a flour tortilla the size of a manhole cover, onions, cilantro, and a generous smear of guacamole for an extra charge. We can’t reveal too much about our manufacturing process, but Jason Winn, founder of Bonk Breaker, did tell us that getting all that guacamole into the package was a real challenge, especially after an unfortunate packaging blow out. “dude, it looked like a scene from Ghostbusters with all that green goop in our test kitchen”.

The Carne Asada Recovery Bar-rito delivers a 4:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrate due to the fact that, like any right thinking person, we don’t put rice in our burritos. There’s also quite a lot of fat in it, but we find it helpful to convince ourselves not to think about that as we enjoy the grease soaked folded tortilla end which signifies a day well enjoyed.

This is the first product in our new recovery line, expect more in the way of “reco-tacos” (for when your workout wasn’t quite burrito worthy, but you trained enough to treat yourself) and the “hydration horchata” which harnesses the incredible ergogenic benefits of cinnamon.

The Carne Asada Recovery Bar-rito comes in packages of 12 priced at $30, Guac is extra.

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