Here at Bonk Breaker we believe food is fuel. Whether you are an elite athlete, busy professional or mom running the kids around, you deserve high quality food to fuel your day. The beauty of Bonk Breaker Nutrition bars is in the simplicity of our ingredients. Most importantly, our bars taste delicious. You can trust us to #FuelYourJourney.

Word On The Street

Dotsie Bausch
“I used to have to make all my own training food because there was nothing on the market in a package with ingredients I was willing to put in my body. Now with Bonk Breakers I can have convenient, nutrient dense, quality food on the bike.”
Dotsie Bausch Olympic Cyclist
Sarah Bullard
“Bonk Breaker bars are made with minimal ingredients that are there for a purpose. I eat very clean when I’m training, avoiding processed foods and a lot of sugars. The combination of natural ingredients in Bonk Breakers are a great balance of tasty but healthy fuel for my body.”
Sarah Bullard USA Lacrosse
Nathan Brannen
“I literally eat at least one Bonk Breaker bar per day before and after my runs.”
Nathan Brannen Olympic Runner

Annee Deering
“I work full time as a nurse and I have ALWAYS been a advocate for real foods, with minimal processing, no gluten, and dairy free. As a mom-to-be, I keep a Bonk Breaker in my purse at all times, just in case I need a quick, nutritious snack.”
Annee Deering Nurse, Triathlete, Mom

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